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A great advantage of SmartXperia Program is that it is completely customizable. Another great advantage is to be a turnkey training solution. That means you don't have to worry about a thing, because we take care of it - Travel, lodging, food, training, transportation.

However, if you'd like to set the experience to fit your needs, we are fully available to help. Here are the main points of customization:

1. Travel
By default, SmartXperia includes travel in service proposal. We rely on a network of trusted professional partners which promote the best offers.

However, if you want to take care of travel, we only have to integrate the information into the rest of the experience to be implemented.

2. Training objectives

One of the keys of SmartXperia Program is the possibility of combining several areas of knowledge and, if necessary, to integrate it with hard training, meaning, hard skills and soft skills in the same program (know here all the interconjugable areas, which can be customized according to your needs and objectives).

These training areas will then be integrated into a generic theme, which indicates the general environment of the whole experience.

For example, for "Empowering Leadership" goal, we will develop activities with different formats, as you selected "Urban", "Heritage"or "Nature" theme. Skills are worked with the same effectiveness, but in a different environment and approach.

It is also possible to perform activities with mixed environments.

3. Lenght of the training experience
There are 3 pre-defined lenghts - 3 days (2 nights), 4 days (3 nights) and 5 days (4 nights).
If you wish a specific length of time, we'll be happy to study it with you and present the best proposal.

4. Activities to develop 
You can know here the activities' summary, by primary training goal and by theme.


There are three basic themes, intended to frame participants global experience. From these themes, taking into account the training goals and after diagnosis, we will present in proposal all the details regarding to each activity (how it works, location profile, length, possible physical requirement, minimum/maximum number of participants, etc.).


5. Trainers
Our trainers, regarding both hard and soft skills in which we work, all hold international curricula and proven quality in their areas of competence.
If you have in mind a particular trainer, we will be happy to establish the necessary contacts for her/his integration into the training experience to implement.


6. Activities' implementation places

The places vary, according to the selected theme or activity dynamics itself. It is possible to study places with specific characteristics, if it is of your interest.

7. Leisure/tourist activities
Towards experience enrichment, as well as to its effectiveness, every training day has at least one recreational and/or tourist activity.
For each theme there is a set of predefined activities, consistent with the underlying theme.
This point can be configured, according to your specific interests, or combining activities related to more than one theme.

8. Guest program
It's possible to include a specific program for participants' relatives or companions.
This program have a wider tourist component, but it is intended to include the companions in some activities along with the 'official' participants. These activities will have exclusively a character of soft skills work.


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