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It is HR's task to know the technical but also emotional phase in which the work teams meet at each moment. A new line of products or services, a departmental restructuring or the hiring of several employees into a new business area, are target examples of actions for integration in company's culture or in the reunification of distant areas, (re) balancing the internal synergetic system.
In this sense, it may be necessary, for example, to work on communication in interdependent productive areas or on leadership capacitation for newly promoted middle managers. On the other hand, companies geographically dispersed or with autonomous teams on the ground may suffer from the lack of identification on the part of their employees. In this case, integration actions and consolidated autonomy are highly beneficial.​

SmartXperia program is prepared to be tailored to the specific needs of each company, starting with a diagnosis and, from a pre-prepared basis, developing the proposal according to customer's needs.

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