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In recent years, Lisbon has been one of the most sought-after tourist cities. The security, the climate, the cultural offer, the prices and the friendly people are the hallmarks of Portugal, and Lisbon is no exception.
Over the last 20 years, Lisbon has established itself as a modern capital and ready to receive tourists. A rich cultural offer and gastronomy of exception have been felt since 1998 (Expo) and, later, during Euro2004.
According to the WTO - World Tourism Organization, in the first four months of 2017, arrivals to Lisbon by international tourists grew by 6% when compared to the same period of 2016. This has been a trend since 2013.
Wide offer of hotels, airport with excellent accessibility to the city and the picturesque profile of Lisbon, are the ingredients of a successful tourist recipe.
On the other hand, recent infrastructures - namely in the docking of cruise ships - have meant a greater transit of tourists (33,467 from January to June 2017).
The various international events have given rise to unprecedented visibility, to which other interests - business and investment - have not been indifferent. It is the example of the extraordinary success of WebSummit 2016 and the resulting unparalleled real estate "boom", due to the city's social and economic profile.


Satisfaction survey

A recent Tourism Satisfaction Survey, conducted by The Lisbon Tourism Observatory, indicates that the overall satisfaction of the visit in the Lisbon Region is 9.28 (on a scale of 1 to 10), with a probability of return of 99, 3%. The data also highlights that 62% of tourists have exceeded their expectations and that 60.8% consider Lisbon one of the five destinations to visit. The main attributes identified in the image of Lisbon were authenticity, beauty, and attractiveness.


Lisbon is undoubtedly one of the most popular and vibrating European capitals and the ideal place to challenge your team.

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