We remain loyal to the four fundamental steps in any business: Planning; defining; implementing; controling.

Our team help companies to get down to the basics and start all over again, if necessary, to build a solid foundation for their business.

We work in the environment of products and services, as it is a determining factor for success.

We focus on the suitability for the market as the main condition of a long-life product or company.

Together with our clients, we achieve their own marketing management model, long before finding a way to promote.

ECN counts on seasoned professionals with extensive experience regarding product, market and consumer, as well as the interaction between these and internal and external constraints.

You'll find if your product is in the right market. You'll find if you are spending instead of investing.


We know how to help your company defining the best market strategy, which best suits your product and your goals. We know how to advise you on planning, strategy and operation.

We can help

  • Market and product diagnosis

  • Market research

  • Market operating strategy

  • Comunication strategy

  • Outsourcing negotiation and management

  • Mix and operational deployment

  • Distribution network design, deployment and management

  • Communication consultancy