ECN's objective is to deliver the best investment opportunities for its clients, seeking also for all available financing options, whether public or private.

Leveraged by our in-house operational experience, we seek out investment opportunities in real estate, companies operating in growth potential sectors and companies relocation, specially regarding different tax environments.

Backed by our team of public and private financing specialists, our clients get all the information about the financing options available for their businesses, depending on the purpose, size and activity area.

Powered by our own resources, partnerships and making use of interactivity with various internal departments, we ensure a wide variety of options that help your business grow.

We can help

  • Strategic management

  • Investment plans

  • Viability studies

  • Real estate and property management

  • Golden Visa

  • Non-Habitual Residents regime

  • Private equity

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Joint ventures

  • Company relocation

  • Business integration into innovation and entrepreneurship networks

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DISCLAIMER: Data Protection Guarantee, according to the current legislation.

ECN Consulting guarantees all confidentiality in the processing of all provided data, which are exclusively used in the internal organization of services and projects. We are available to correct or erase the individual data, unless for law obligation purposes, according to our privacy policy. Tel. +351 21 0174 047; E-mail:

Also in accordance with Portuguese law, regarding the Alternative Dispute Resolution, ECN Consulting is an adherent company of CNIACC - National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes ( More information in 'Portal do Consumidor' at

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