Internationalization is an imperative for growth. Global market and the proximity allowed by technological advancement discloses innumerable business opportunities, as long as the company is properly prepared.

At ECN, we count on senior professionals with extensive experience in export and product, services and companies internationalization fields.

We understand internationalization as a long, engaging process, which involves investment, patience and resilience, always deserving our respect and full attention.

Based on the study of international flows of products and services, as well as financial and economic events, we aim, advise and follow our clients' internationalization process.


We combine the company reality to the specific features of the market to address, basing our advice and action on facts, not fashion.

We can help

  • Product internationalization

  • Company internationalization strategy and advisory

  • Market opening

  • Support on export operations

  • International business opportunities assessment and follow up

  • Merger processes mediation

  • Distribution networks

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