Keeping resources sustainability and search for alternatives sources of energy are always the focus of 

ECN's work.

Taking advantage of an extensive background on environmental systems and impact studies, based on biophysics, we understand the way nature can combine with economical needs.

We enphasize sustainability, aiming at the use of administrative practices and methods that reduce the environmental impact of economic activities on natural resources.

Our work aims to give companies the use of all resources at its disposal, eliminating unnecessary costs and maximizing its productivity. In terms of public and institutional image, the advantages are obvious.

The study and implementation of an Environmental Management policy requires a multidisciplinary team, which ECN is prepared to make available to its clients, aiming the organization of human and productive activities, so that they have the least possible impact on the environment.


This work extends from choosing the best techniques to legislation, through the correct allocation of human and financial resources.

We can help

  • Environmental management systems deployment

  • Environmental audits

  • Environmental impact studies and compliance reports

  • Strategic environmental assessment

  • Industrial licensing support

  • Fauna and flora characterization

  • Environmental management plans